Where is Alto located?

Alto is located in the popular and growing suburb of Winter Valley in the regional city of Ballarat, one of Victoria’s fastest growing cities. Alto is within walking distance to the popular Delcombe Town Centre (DTC) and has recreational amenities such as Kensington Creek right on its doorstep.

How many lots are there?

Alto is designed as a boutique residential community and anticipated to house just 158 lots.

When are titles anticipated?

Stages 1 to 4 are Titled. 

When will construction start at Alto?

Construction of stages 1 to 4 is now complete.

Is Alto affordable?

Joining the boutique community at Alto overlooking the Kensington Creek waterway corridor is still affordable. We have a range of beautiful house and land packages at Alto catering to all household types and budget.

What is the current Council approved status of the Project?

A planning permit was issued for the development in April 2021.

What is happening to Wiltshire Lane?
As part of the stage 1 works (completed) a new service lane has been built separating Alto from the main Wiltshire Lane carriageway.
What is the purpose of the Design Covenant?

The covenant is designed to enhance the certainty of the built-form within the estate, whilst encouraging creativity and individuality in home design. The covenants seek to protect each home owner’s investment.

When will the Kensington Creek waterway corridor be completed?

Unlike many other residential estates where amenities remain unbuilt for many years after the first residents move in, the Kensington Creek waterway corridor is already complete. We anticipate Alto residents will be able to enjoy the Kensington Creek waterway corridor from the moment they move in.

Will Alto have the NBN?

Absolutely. All required infrastructure will be built in the estate to allow all homes to be connected to the NBN. Each home owner will arrange with NBN direct for the final connections of this service to their homes.

What size blocks are available at Alto?

Our blocks range in size from 220m2 up to 574m2 across 5 stages.

What is my responsibility once I have settled my block?

Keeping Alto safe and looking its absolute best is important to us and our residents. With this in mind all residents are required to keep their block and the front nature strip clean (both before and during construction), weeds removed and grass kept short. We expect residents to manage their builders and anyone visiting their home to the same standard to uphold these same values to ensure Alto remains a great place to live.

Why do I need to know about Bushfire Attack levels?

You might have heard the term BAL rating thrown around. The large majority of land estates in Victoria will have a BAL rating.

This stands for the Bushfire Attack Level and essentially has been adopted to improve the ability of your new home to withstand a bushfire event. The BAL rating on your particular block of land will influence the method and materials used to construct your home. Your builder or building surveyor will be able to talk you through BAL ratings in more detail.

Can I subdivide the block?

All blocks in Alto have been designed to accommodate a variety of household types. To protect the look, feel and value of Alto, lots cannot be further subdivided (subject to planning regulations).

What is the process of getting house plans approved?

Design Covenants are attached to your Contract of Sale (as a Memorandum of Common Provisions ‘MCP’) to protect the investment of homes within Alto. House plans must work within these covenants. The Developer does not sign off on your house plans. Instead, your house plans will be reviewed by a building surveyor to ensure they meet the MCP and all statutory and planning requirements as a part of the process to obtain a building permit.
View the Alto Design Covenant

Will my lot have fill on it and what is the soil like at Alto for home building?

Detailed fill plans showing the natural surface levels and finished surface levels are included within the release information.

What type of fence will I have and how do I contact my neighbour to have it erected? Can I have a front fence?

To maintain a consistent look and feel within Alto, all side and rear boundary fences are to be of Colourbond construction “Woodland Grey” and 1.8m high.

Front boundary and side fences forward of the home dwelling are not permitted. Additional details regarding fencing can be found in the Design Covenant.